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Informed Healthcare Choices

We believe that as a well-informed healthcare consumer, you can make the best choices for your own care. That’s why we’re sharing this information with you.

Here you can find out if we’re:

  • Giving the right care in specific situations
    How often does the hospital follow evidence-based practice guidelines, such as giving antibiotics to pneumonia patients within four hours of their arrival at the hospital?

  • Getting the best results for their patients
    How does the Hospital support patients in their ability to make informed decisions about their own healthcare? How well do physicians, nurses and other members of the care team communicate with patients about their diagnosis and treatment options? Being well-informed and actively involved in decisions about their own healthcare helps patients adjust better and, ultimately, can lead to better results.

  • Keeping patients safe
    Patient safety is a big issue in healthcare, and many hospitals are working hard to ensure the safety of their patients. Click here to learn more about patient safety and what you can do to take an active role in your own healthcare.

  • Meeting patients’ needs and expectations
    Patient satisfaction data offers a look at patients’ opinions about the quality of care they received at a hospital. This data focuses on factors such as how well the physicians communicate with patients, how well nurses respond to patients’ needs, and whether patients would recommend the hospital to other people.

We take quality very seriously

NCH has been measuring the quality of clinical performance, nursing care, safety practices and patient satisfaction for many years – long before hospitals in the U.S. were asked to submit quality data to government and watchdog agencies.

We go the extra step with internal evaluations – monthly, quarterly and annually. We look at patient care in both inpatient and outpatient settings, including many non-clinical factors that affect our patients’ overall experience. In addition to the quality indicators reported on the Quality Report Card, we also analyze factors across every department Hospital-wide.

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Last Updated 01/29/2010