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Helping you select the best hospital for your needs

As a healthcare consumer, you have many choices for hospital care. Besides simply going to the hospital that’s closest to home or that your doctor recommends, you can check a hospital’s Quality Report Card and determine which hospital best fits your needs.

A quality report card is a profile of how hospitals perform on clinical quality, patient safety and patient satisfaction. State, federal and independent watchdog agencies collect data from thousands of hospitals nationwide about their performance on a variety of healthcare standards.

The NCH Quality Report Card

At NCH, we’re making our performance data easily available to you. We call this “transparency” - being completely transparent or candid about our performance on a wide range of quality measures. The NCH Quality Report Card is easy to access and offers an at-a-glance look, as well as detailed performance data on how we compare to state and national averages for specific performance factors related to clinical quality, nursing care, patient safety, and satisfaction.  Whether you're concerned about surgery, heart attack, childbirth or emergency care, reported scores on these performance measures can give you a broad picture of NCH’s level of quality in specific areas.

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Last Updated 01/29/2010