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Home Healthcare

Home Care is not only a desirable health care delivery system for many patients, but it is also efficient and effective. The value can be demonstrated by outcome measurements such as low rehospitalization and emergency care rates, along with the prevention of post-hospitalization wound infections and diseases. These evidence-based outcomes demonstrate that a smooth transition from hospital to home care is frequently in the best interest of patients, professionals and payors.


Better Than U.S. Average At or Near U.S. Average Worse Than U.S. Average No National Average
or Too Few Cases

How To Read This Report:
An explanation of the scores and how the cell coloring relates to them.

Desired Performance

This indicates if a high or low score is best for this metric. In some case the desired performance will be neutral. In this case the desired performance is neither high or low and a color rating is not assigned to the statistic of that metric..


Percentage of patients who get better at walking or moving around High 62 % 58 % 61 %
Percentage of patients who get better at getting out of bed High 63 % 57 % 63 %
Percentage of patients who have less pain when moving around High 70 % 66 % 73 %
Percentage of patients who get better at bathing High 73 % 68 % 70 %
Percentage of patients who get better at taking oral medications correctly High 60 % 51 % 54 %
Percentage of patients who are short of breath less often High 71 % 65 % 74 %
Percentage of patients who had to be admitted to the hospital Low 26 % 30 % 21 %
Percentage of patients who need urgent, unplanned care Low 3 % 4 % 3 %
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Last Updated 01/29/2010