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Heart Failure

Heart Failure, sometimes called Congestive Heart Failure, is a chronic condition caused when the heart cannot pump as much blood as the body needs. Heart failure becomes more common with age, and causes symptoms such as shortness of breath and a buildup of fluid in the feet and legs. Heart failure is one of the most common reasons that people require hospitalization. A healthy lifestyle and proper medications can reduce the effects of heart failure and the need for future hospitalization.


Better Than U.S. Average At or Near U.S. Average Worse Than U.S. Average No National Average
or Too Few Cases

How To Read This Report:
An explanation of the scores and how the cell coloring relates to them.

Desired Performance

This indicates if a high or low score is best for this metric. In some case the desired performance will be neutral. In this case the desired performance is neither high or low and a color rating is not assigned to the statistic of that metric..


ACEI or ARB for LVSD High 97 % 96 % 98 %
Discharge Instructions (aggregate) High 95 % 93 % 96.6 %
Evaluation of LV Function High 99 % 98 % 99.6 %
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Last Updated 01/29/2010