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What other things should I think about when evaluating a hospital?

This Quality Report Card is just one tool for measuring quality. It should not be your only consideration when choosing a hospital. You also may want to consider factors such as:

Quality of Physicians:

Are most of the doctors board certified in their area of practice? Does the hospital have specialists to address your specific needs? Are any of the hospital’s physicians well-known regionally or nationally?

Physicians affiliated with Northwest Community

Quality of Nurses:

Has the hospital earned the prestigious Magnet™ Recognition for excellence in nursing?  Are most of its nurses RNs (registered nurses) with bachelors or masters degrees? Are most nurses employees versus temporary agency nurses?  How long have they been employed at the current hospital?

Nursing at Northwest Community

Range of Services and State-of-the-Art Technologies:

Does the hospital have expertise in the areas you need? Is it up-to-date with new technologies and procedures for diagnosis and treatment?

Expertise and Technology at Northwest Community


How do national, regional or independent organizations regard the hospital? Has the hospital earned any awards or recognitions?

Awards for Northwest Community

Information Systems:

Has the hospital implemented sophisticated clinical information systems that provide easier, more accurate and more complete information about each patient’s diagnosis and care? Have they taken sufficient steps to balance patients’ confidentiality with the ability to give doctors and nurses comprehensive information that enhances diagnosis and treatment?

Information Technology at Northwest Community

Overall Atmosphere and Patient Experience:

What is it like to be a patient at this hospital? Is the staff friendly? Is the environment conducive to healing? Are there support services to help patients and visitors feel more comfortable?

The Patient Experience at Northwest Community

Hospital’s Role in Its Community:

Is the hospital a good “corporate citizen”? Beyond providing hospital-based services, does the hospital also offer services to improve the wellness of the communities it serves, such as health education programs, free health screenings, healthcare services for people without insurance or the ability to pay, social services support, or other services beyond the traditional healthcare model?

Community Involvement at Northwest Community
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Last Updated 01/29/2010