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Brian is back in action after hip replacement.

Could You Be a Candidate?

To find out if NCH's Fast Track Program is right for you, make an appointment with an NCH orthopedic specialist by calling 847-618-4YOU (4968).

Life in the Fast Lane

Fast Track hip replacement patients get moving

At age 54, Brian Rowe was far too young to wince at the thought of walking up a flight of stairs. "I couldn't put my socks on in the morning, and I couldn't walk across a parking lot without being close to tears," he says, recalling the excruciating pain that hindered everyday activities.

A series of tests revealed arthritis had ravaged his hips, destroying the surrounding cartilage. As it turns out, Brian had racked up too many frequent flier miles on his hips. His career as a globe-trotting IT security consultant—he estimates he was traveling 250,000 miles a year to far-flung locales—forces him to sit on airplanes for huge chunks of time. "I was sitting a lot and the blood flow doesn't go into your hips," Brian says. "I needed a complete bilateral hip replacement."

As he would do in his professional life, Brian took action. He turned to Northwest Community Healthcare's Joint Replacement Program, which offers a Fast Track option for patients who are highly motivated to pursue a quick recovery. The program results in earlier hospital discharge, an accelerated recovery plan and a quicker return to pain-free living.

Brian tapped Richard Mannion, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon on staff at NCH, to replace his right hip last August, followed by his left hip nine weeks later. An impressive 12 weeks after his first surgery, Brian was back on the job.

"With Fast Track, you have the joint replacement procedure and return home as quickly as possible," Brian says. "You get out of bed the day of your surgery and take a few steps. The day after surgery you walk across the room, and the following day you walk in the hallway."

Looking back, he still winces once in awhile—but only from the memory of the extreme pain he endured. He's a true believer in NCH's Fast Track recovery program. "If you are at the point where you are in so much pain and it interrupts your active lifestyle, it is time to do the surgery and go through the Fast Track recovery," Brian says.

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Last Updated 04/10/2009