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Caring for Our Community

To make a gift in support of the lifesaving ER imaging center, contact the Foundation at or call 847.618.4260.

A Time to Give

Bigger, better ER opens with community support

"In spite of the tough times, the spirit of giving is very much alive in our community."

This observation was made recently by Bruce Crowther, NCH President and CEO. And he was spot-on—that spirit of giving was palpable at the dedication of Northwest Community Hospital's newly expanded Emergency Room (ER) on August 10.

The mood was celebratory as donors and civic leaders toured the new space and had a chance to fully appreciate the impact of their support. Now at about 36,000 square feet, the new ER has nearly twice the emergency treatment capacity it had before. Designed to accommodate up to 90,000 patients per year, it features 56 beds, a spacious family waiting area, and specialty rooms for trauma, critical care, isolation and behavioral health. Prominent plaques recognize the magnanimity of John and Rita Canning and Vince and Pat Foglia. These two families led the way for community philanthropists by making extraordinary seven-figure gifts to the project early on.

Three generations of the Glueckert family were especially excited to see the ER's beautiful new reception room for bereaved families that was made possible by their generous gift. Longtime owners of Glueckert Funeral Home in Arlington Heights, the family was pleased to see the calming, comfortable environment. John Glueckert Jr. says, "We are honored to serve our neighbors who are experiencing loss, and supporting this project is a natural extension of that service."

NCH Foundation Board Chair Jack Lloyd noted that more is on the horizon for the new ER. The NCH Foundation is aiming to raise $4 million in charitable gifts to help add an advanced diagnostic imaging center. It will bring state-of-the-art technologies such as MRI and CT scans closer to emergency patients, ensuring access to fast, accurate diagnoses when timing is critical to saving lives and improving outcomes.

When Frank Russo heard about the importance of the new imaging center, he added excitement to the evening by pledging $100,000 on the spot. He was responding to a challenge made in a statement from donor Vince Foglia encouraging other community and business leaders to join him in helping to make the ER imaging center possible.

"Making this gift to the hospital just felt like the right thing to do," says Russo, owner and president of Schaumburg-based Advantage Ambulance. "The new imaging center will improve care for thousands of patients every year, and I'm proud to get behind a project of that magnitude."

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Last Updated 04/10/2009