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Every Donation Counts

Gifts of all sizes are needed to complete the new ED Imaging Center. To learn more about ways to give, contact the NCH Foundation at 847.618.4260 or To make a gift online, click here.

A Gift from the Heart

Donating funds to improve Emergency Room imaging was an easy decision for one Palatine resident

Martha Atherton and her late husband, Robert, moved to Palatine in 1965. Ever since, NCH has been their hospital of choice. It's where Bob waged his long battle with heart disease. And it's the place Martha continues to rely on for expert healthcare services.

Together, the Athertons enjoyed a life filled with family, world travel and phenomenal success at RACO, their machinery business headquartered in Des Plaines. Bob died in 2009, yet Martha continues to express the couple's shared values in many ways. Among them is to continue their longtime support of Northwest Community Hospital.

A Donor's Decision

When Martha heard about NCH's campaign to raise funds for a new Emergency Room (ER) Imaging Center, she did not hesitate to make a $100,000 pledge to the project. Located within the ED, the new center will ensure rapid access to advanced imaging techniques such as CT scans and MRIs for critically ill patients.

Choosing to give to the ED Imaging Center was easy for Martha. Over the years, the Atherton family made many visits to NCH's ED—and received excellent care each time. Martha says she remembers an especially harrowing experience in summer 2009. She had accompanied Bob to an office appointment with NCH cardiologist Paul Ruzumna, MD.

The doctor said Bob was in cardiac distress and had to go to the Hospital's ED by ambulance immediately. Stunned, Martha observed paramedics rush to the rescue. Once they arrived in the ED, she was relieved to see how quickly and capably the staff responded and took over Bob's care with competence and compassion. "It was all handled very well and in an orderly fashion," Martha says.

Contributing to a Community Cause

Martha says she is proud that her gift will help ensure access to state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures for seriously ill patients, and she knows how important it is to inspire charitable giving to help fund the $8.5 million project.

"I want to be among the first to support the new NCH Emergency Room Imaging Center to set an example for local philanthropists," she says. "If every caring member of the community contributes, we'll reach our goal of $8.5 million!"

To learn more about NCH's plans for a new ED Imaging Center, click here to read "Top Priority: a new ED Imaging Center" in the Fall 2010 edition of Healthy Returns, the publication for donors and friends of Northwest Community Hospital Foundation.

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In the Summer 2010 issue of YOU magazine, we made an incorrect reference to gastroenterologist Mitchell Kaplan, MD, in our cover story. We regret this error and extend our sincere apologies to Dr. Kaplan.

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