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Pre-Admission Testing Date - FAQ's

How do I Register?

A Registration Representative will call you prior to surgery to set up a pre-admission testing appointment, if necessary, and pre-register you for your procedure.

Where Should I Go?

The Pre-admission testing department is located on the second floor of Northwest Community Hospital's North Pavilion. Enter via the Entrance # and proceed directly to the second floor via the lobby elevators. Please inform the second floor receptionist that you are scheduled for pre-admission testing. To view the campus map, click here.

Where Can I Park?

A parking lot is conveniently located at the Patient Entrance. Valet services are also available at the Patient Entrance. To view the campus map, click here.

What Should I Bring?

Please bring your insurance cards and, if applicable, any of the following: written referral form, pre-certification number from your health plan, co-payment, and a list of your present medications and allergies.

What If I Have Special Transportation Needs?

Northwest Community provides an affordable, accessible Courtesy Van for individuals who are traveling to or from the Hospital campus for medical reasons (within a certain mile radius). For more information, call 847.618.6480. Facilities are wheelchair accessible.

What Will Occur During My Pre-Admission Testing?

During your pre-admission testing appointment, you will complete a medical history form, speak with a registered nurse and anesthesiologist, and have all necessary testing completed depending on your medical history. You will also register for your day surgery procedure at this time.

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Last Updated 04/10/2009