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Cuisine on Call • Menu

For our Patients with Diabetes

Please notify the nursing staff after ordering each meal so we can best help you manage your diabetes.

As you know, timing of blood sugar checks and medication is critical in keeping your blood sugar under good control.

Please note the number of carb servings is listed after each food item, e.g. (1). One carb serving equals 15 grams of carbohydrate.

In General

1200-1400 calorie diabetic diets
3 carb servings at each meal
1 carb serving for a 7 pm snack
1500-1800 calorie diabetic diets
4 carb servings at each meal
1 carb serving for a 7 pm snack
1900-2000 calorie diabetic diets
5 carb servings at breakfast & supper
4 carb servings at lunch
2 carb servings for a 7 pm snack
Please note: The number in parentheses indicates number of carb servings.

NCH Beginnings

Scrambled Eggs
Heart Healthy Scrambled Eggs
Cheese Omelet
Buttermilk Pancakes (2)
2 pancakes served with margarine and syrup
Breakfast Sandwich (2)
an English muffin topped with eggs, ham and American cheese

Breakfast Sides

Bacon Sausage Links
Canadian Bacon Breakfast Potatoes (1½)


All cold cereals come with your choice of whole, skim or 2% milk. Brown sugar is available for your hot cereal.

Cheerios® (1) Rice Krispies® (1)
Raisin Bran® (2) Oatmeal (1)
Special K® (1) Cream of Wheat® (1)
Frosted Mini Wheats (1 1/2)  

Fruit and Yogurt

Fresh Fruit Cup (1) Stewed Prunes (1)
Pear Halves (1) Banana (1)
Peach Slices (1) Lite Peach Yogurt (1)
Lite Strawberry Yogurt (1)  
Yoplait® Thick & Creamy Yogurt (2)Vanilla or Strawberry
Fruit and Yogurt Parfait with Granola Topping (2)

Breakfast Breads

Condiments include butter, margarine, regular or sugar free jelly, peanut butter, regular or lite cream cheese.

White Toast (1) Blueberry Muffin (3)
Wheat Toast (1) Toasted Bagel (3)
Cinnamon Toast (1 1/2)  


Vegetarian Vegetable Soup (1/2)
Chicken Noodle Soup (1)
Cream Soup of the Day (carb servings vary)
Tossed Green Salad
Choice of Dressings
Ranch*, Italian*, 1000 Island, Apple Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinegar and Oil, Honey Mustard
*Available in light versions (carb servings vary)

Main Attractions

Roasted Turkey Breast with Gravy
Baked Mostaccioli (2)
Homemade Meatloaf (1) with Brown Gravy
Sautéed Tilapia with Lemon Dill Sauce
Fajitas (2) with your choice of Chicken or Vegetable
Chicken Marsala (1/2)
Mixed Green Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast (served with your choice of dressing)
Mediterranean Platter (3)
Crisp, fresh vegetables served with pita triangles and hummus
Fruit & Cottage Cheese Platter (4)
Fresh and canned fruits accompanied by low fat cottage cheese

Deli Corner

Lettuce, tomato, pickle, mustard, mayonnaise are available upon request.

Roast Turkey, Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, Deli Ham
Bread (1)Country White, Wheat, Marble Rye
Cheese – Swiss, Cheddar, Mozzarella, American

On the Side

Mashed Potatoes (1) Carrots
Oven Roasted Red Skin Potatoes (1) Whole Green Beans
Macaroni & Cheese (1) Sautéed Vegetable Medley
Confetti Rice Pilaf (1½) Dinner Roll (1)
Steamed White Rice (1) Baked Potato Chips (1 1/2)
Potato Chips (1) French Fries (2)
Baked Sweet Potato (2) Broccoli Florets

From the Grill

Lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, mustard, relish, mayonnaise, onions and wheat bun/bread are available upon request.

Hamburger (2)
Cheeseburger (2)Choice of American, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Swiss
Grilled Cheese Sandwich (2)
Garden Burger (2½)
Hot Dog (2)
Grilled Chicken Breast

All items can be served with:
French fries, regular or baked potato chips. (1½)

Personal Pizza

Cheese Pizza (3)
Add toppings of your choice: Sausage, Peppers, Mushrooms

Sweet Treats

Warm Apple Cobbler (2½)
Decadent Chocolate Brownie (2)
Angel Food Cake (2)
Chocolate Chip Cookie (1 1/2)
Sugar Cookie (1 1/2)
Vanilla Ice Cream (1)
Light Vanilla Ice Cream (1)
Italian Ice – Cherry, Lemon, Orange (2)
Frozen Fruit Juice Cup (1)
Gelatin – Orange, Cherry, Lime (Regular (1) or Sugar Free)
Fresh Apple Slices (½)
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Cup (1)
Fruit and Yogurt Parfait with Granola Topping (2)


Beverage condiments include sugar, non-dairy creamer, sugar substitute, honey, lemon wedge or lemon packet

Coffee – Regular, Decaf
Tea – Regular, Decaf, Herbal, Iced
Milk (1)Skim, 2%, Whole, Chocolate
Soy Milk (1)Chocolate, Vanilla
Low Sodium V-8®
Juice (1½)Orange, Cranberry, Apple
Soda – Pepsi®(4), Sierra Mist®(4), Diet Pepsi® (caffeine free), Diet Sierra Mist®



Liquid Diets

Clear Liquids
Juices – Apple, Cranberry, Grape (1 1/2)
Gelatin – Orange, Cherry, Lime (Regular (1)or Sugar Free)
Ice – Cherry, Lemon, Orange (2)
Frozen Fruit Juice Cup (1)
Sierra Mist® – Regular (4) or Diet
Tea – Regular, Decaf, Herbal, Iced
Broth – Beef, Chicken, Vegetable

Full Liquids include all of the above items plus:
HealthShake®– Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry (2 1/2)
Sherbet – Orange, Lime, Raspberry (1 1/2)
Vanilla Ice Cream (1)
Vanilla Pudding (2)
Cream Soup of the Day (carb servings vary)
Cream of Wheat® (1)

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