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Recipient of Magnet® Recognition for Nursing Excellence

At NCH, nursing excellence is our passion. We are one of only 6% of healthcare organizations in the nation to earn Magnet® status as designated by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). To read more about Northwest Community's Magnet recognition, click here.

We achieved Magnet status because of the commitment of our nurses to the:


  • Coordinating and providing holistic care based on the patient's language, culture and other individual needs
  • Respecting his/her right to participate and directing decisions regarding his/her health care
  • Acting as an advocate for the Patient's Bill of Rights
  • Maintaining a culture of patient safety

Patient’s family and support networks:

  • Utilizing a family-centered approach to support the patient's loved ones through the episode of care
  • Recognizing that they have a significant role to play in the patient's care
  • Having open, honest ongoing communication with the patient and significant other

Nursing profession:

  • Accepting responsibility for making decisions about patient care based on current evidence, research and collaborative practice with the healthcare team
  • Making decisions that are within nursing scope of practice and legal/ethical framework
  • Delegating to others responsibilities that are appropriate to licensure, education and experience
  • Demonstrating pride and promotion of professional nursing as an honored career

NCH’s interdisciplinary team:

  • Achieving the goal of optimal quality patient care through respect and collaborative teamwork

Professional practice environment:

  • Utilizing direct and constructive communication in all interactions
  • Demonstrating mutual respect and support in relationships
  • Demonstrating ethical and collaborative conduct
  • Sharing and pursuing knowledge


  • Collaborating in a relationship based on mutual respect, trust and open communication for quality patient care


  • Supporting the mission, vision and values of the organization


  • Educating my community about services and programs at Northwest Community to improve health
  • Reflecting a positive image of NCH
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Last Updated 04/10/2009