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Nurse Resident Program

Current Status as of 1.21.2013:

  • We will not be having a Nurse Resident Program this winter. Please watch this space for updates and information regarding a possible summer Nurse Resident Program.
  • RN jobs listed on our Job Center page are intended for RNs with at least one year of RN experience.

Check this site periodically for updates.

Northwest Community Hospital (NCH) is committed to offering the best possible experience to new RN graduates beginning their Nursing career. We offer a nine month Nurse Resident Program to support the new graduate RN during the transition from student to professional nurse. Many departments of NCH hire Nurse Residents including Medical and Surgical Units, OB, Pediatrics and Pediatric ER, Telemetry, Oncology, and Mental Health. Nurse Residents interested in Critical Care must have graduated from a BSN program and have participated in a Critical Care Internship or capstone experience in Critical Care.

How to Apply for the Nurse Resident Program

Most years we offer two Nurse Resident programs: an August program for May graduates and a March program for December graduates. Applications for the Nurse Resident Program are only accepted just prior to the start of a Nurse Resident Program. Check the green box for important dates. During the time period when applications are being accepted, new nurse graduates interested in applying for the program must fill out the "Nurse Resident" application.

When applying, it's important that you select the "Nurse Resident" position/application under the "Nursing/Patient Care" job listings, which is only posted when applications are being accepted. Review the description and then, if interested, click on "Apply for this Job". Applications are only accepted during the posted time period. We will post when applications are no longer being accepted.

Once we receive your application, our nurse recruiters will notify you only if you're being considered as a candidate for the Nurse Resident Program.

Note: The number of Nurse Resident positions vary from session to session. Space is limited so some sessions are filled by candidates who already work at Northwest Community Hospital. Please check this page periodically for updates.

Overview of the Nurse Resident Program


Our comprehensive nine-month Nurse Resident Program is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of today's new nurses. The program incorporates a strong competency-based orientation designed to help new nurses gain proficiency in nursing care through the support and guidance of experienced nurse educators, preceptors and mentors.


The program helps facilitate the transition for new nurses coming out of school and into a fast-paced acute care setting. It also has been designed to support the new nurse in strengthening essential nursing skills and knowledge base required for practice in the high tech, acute care environment.

Program Structure & Content

Support is a key element in strengthening self-confidence. Throughout the entire first year of practice, there will be periodic classroom and clinical sessions that will focus on issues pertinent to the development of your practice, skills and professional transition. Some of these experiences include:

  • Customized orientation in clinical area and completion of general nursing skills competency (first three months)
  • Completion of any appropriate specialty nursing clinical skills (three to six months)
  • Refinement and strengthening of clinical reasoning skills
  • Working with outstanding educators, preceptors and mentors to guide you through the learning process
  • Learning from content experts as they share their knowledge and expertise in nursing care
  • Ongoing educational and professional support through participation in the Nurse Resident Program at Northwest Community Hospital (NCH)

The Nurse Resident Program at NCH began in June of 1995, and to this day continues to be a beacon for recruitment of talented new RNs. Over the years, many of our past Nurse Residents have gone on to become well-respected Nurse Leaders and Advanced Practice Nurses within the organization.

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Last Updated 2013-01-07