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Substance Abuse Assessment

Youth Center - Counselor

Treatment starts with a free substance abuse assessment

Treatment starts with an assessment free of charge. A trained counselor will meet with the adolescent and his/her family to conduct a comprehensive assessment. The assessment is the first step in helping us determine the best way to help you and your adolescent. We take into consideration the medical criteria, we factor in potential physical and psychological risks, home environment, and other life issues. Based on this assessment, we recommend the level of treatment that will be suit your child's needs. These include:

  1. Residential Treatment
  2. Day Treatment (partial hospitalization)
  3. Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Addiction is a treatable disease

Your child’s addiction is a disease that is chronic, primary, progressive and, if untreated, potentially fatal. Therefore, we believe that the first step in treatment must be a comprehensive assessment of all your child’s major life areas.

Parental involvement is key

Our in-depth assessment begins by meeting with you and your child. We ask questions about school, friends, family, social environment, substance abuse and prior treatments. We ask you, the parents, about your concerns, your knowledge of the situation and your suspicions. We’ll explore problem areas such as missing school, poor grades, inappropriate behavior and family dynamics.

If we feel that your child would not benefit from our programs, we will recommend other resources.

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Last Updated 04/10/2009