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Healthy Workplaces

A healthy workplace is good for business

It's a fact: You can lower your healthcare costs while creating a healthier and more productive workforce through an active and integrated Health and Wellness Program.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, an employee wellness program can provide a savings of $3 to $6 for every $1 invested in wellness reducing healthcare costs by 20 to 55 percent and decreasing short-term sick leave by as much as 32 percent. [Ceridian Prop ROI Tool, 2009]

"Employee wellness programs have often been viewed as a nice extra, not a strategic imperative. But the data show otherwise. The ROI on comprehensive, well-run employee wellness programs can be as high as 6 to 1." (Leonard L. Berry, Ann M. Mirabito, and William B. Baum, "What's the Hard Return on Employee Wellness Programs?" Harvard Business Review, Dec. 2010)

New healthcare laws reward healthy companies

The Affordable Care Act encourages company wellness programs as an important way to lower healthcare costs. Companies, with fewer than 100 employees, that start wellness programs focused on efforts such as nutrition, smoking cessation, physical fitness and stress management may apply for grants. Employers will also be able to offer reward payments to workers of up to 30 percent of the cost of insurance coverage (up from the current 20 percent) who participate in such programs and meet certain health-related benchmarks. (Visit for more information.)

Get Started Today

Build a stronger, healthier workforce with greater productivity, less downtime and lower healthcare costs! NCH Occupational Health Services' Health and Wellness programs are designed specifically with you and your employees in mind all with the goal of healthier, happier and more productive employees in mind. We offer a variety of options making it easy to address the most significant health concerns of your company.

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Last modified: 04/19/2013