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Prenatal Classes and Tours

Prenatal classes for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth experience

We offer a wide range of classes taught by registered nurses, both to help you better prepare for childbirth and to care for your newborn. The best time to register is during your fourth or fifth month of pregnancy.

The following prenatal classes are available at Northwest Community Hospital and The Wellness Center:
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Prepared Childbirth Class (in person)
$100 per expectant mother and partner
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This four-session class, held on consecutive weeks, teaches all aspects of childbirth, including the phases of labor and delivery. It is recommended during the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. Instructions include relaxation exercises, breathing techniques and comfort measures. A detailed description of all phases of labor and birth, including medical interventions, anesthesia and options for labor, as well as a birth video and a tour of the obstetrical department, are included. This class is taught by a registered nurse who is a certified childbirth educator.

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Online Childbirth Education (Internet)
$100 for 60-day access
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The Gift of Motherhood eLearning Childbirth Education Program is a convenient alternative for expectant parents who cannot attend a conventional prepared childbirth class due to bed rest, scheduling conflicts or time constraints. It is also useful as a refresher course for repeat parents. The program is an interactive, Web-based tool that contains animated illustrations, videos, voice-overs and games. After you register, you will receive an access code and you will have access for a 60-day period, beginning from the date of your initial use. An accompanying parent's handbook will be sent after registration. You will also have one class with a certified educator to review breathing and relaxation techniques. Tour of obstetrical department included.

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Breastfeeding Class
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A registered nurse specializing in lactation will provide information and demonstrate techniques to help new mothers maximize their opportunity to establish successful breastfeeding. The benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby will also be discussed. Partner or support person is welcome. Learn more about our breastfeeding support services.

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Dads Only Class
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This Dads Only Class will explore the magic and challenges of first-time fatherhood. An experienced dad will facilitate this class modeled on the Boot Camp for Dads® program.

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Infant and Child CPR Safety Class
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This class teaches the American Heart Association's techniques for infant and child CPR and first aid techniques for choking. Participants will have an opportunity to practice techniques on a mannequin. Infant and child safety topics will be discussed, including child-proofing your home.

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Super Brother/Super Sister Class for Ages 4 and Older and Super Brother/Super Sister Class for Ages 2 and 3
$20 per child
Click here to view upcoming classes for ages 2 and 3
Click here to view upcoming classes for ages 4 and older

This class helps prepare children ages 2 and older for a new baby's arrival. Class includes a slide show and puppet movie about being a new big brother or sister. There is a discussion about how to hold, diaper and feed a baby. A visit to the nursery window may be included. Children must be accompanied by at least one parent.

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Tours of the Women's Center at NCH
Tours are free, but registration is required; please–no children under 10; younger children are encouraged to attend a Super Brothers/Super Sisters class.
Click here to view upcoming Monday (6:45 - 7:45 pm) tours
Click here to view upcoming Monday (8 - 9 pm) tours
Click here to view upcoming Saturday (9:30 - 10:30 am) tours
Click here to view upcoming Saturday (11 am - 12 pm) tours

Tours are available for those who are not taking prepared childbirth classes. Tours are available on Monday evenings or Saturday mornings. You may register online for the current available session. To register for another day and month, call HealthConnection at 847.618.4YOU (4968).

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A New Baby...Now What? Class
$50 per expectant mother and partner
Click here to view upcoming classes

Learn hands-on basic care and survival techniques to get through the first month at home with a new baby. This class will cover basic baby care, including comforting a crying baby, how to know if your baby is sick and when to call the doctor, as well as proper car seat installation.

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Prenatal Massage
$75 Wellness Center Member; $83 Non-Member – 60 minutes
A physician’s note is required.

Call Spa Concierge at 847.618.3504 to make an appointment

Embrace the changes of pregnancy and enjoy this nurturing rest. A tranquil, inviting refuge, Reflections Spa on the second floor of The Wellness Center offers a variety of unique holistic services—including restorative, preventive and rehabilitative—designed thoughtfully so that you relax, renew and rejuvenate. In conjunction with The Wellness Center’s fitness services, we aim to help optimize your health by welcoming you to bask in our nurturing haven. We suggest you arrive 10–15 minutes prior to your service to relax and savor our comforting ambience. A physician’s note is required.

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Prenatal Water Exercise
Once per Week: $60.00 Wellness Center Members, $100 Non-Members
Twice per Week: $80.00 Wellness Center Members, $120 Non-Members

Click here to view upcoming classes

Experience the benefits of exercise in our water prenatal classes. In our classes, moms-to-be will work their bodies safely and effectively while also enjoying the stimulation and camaraderie of networking with other pregnant women. Experience the benefits of exercising in the water as it cools the body and reduces swelling. Your body and mind will benefit from cardiovascular strengthening and social interaction long after baby's arrival! Please note: A physician's note is required for all participants prior to the first day of class. A physician's note can be faxed to 847.618.3509.

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Prenatal Yoga
$80 Wellness Center Members; $120 Non-Members
Click here to view upcoming classes

This popular prenatal class is perfect for any mom to be. Yoga is the ideal preparation for labor and childbirth. The body is eased into alignment with the awareness of breathing which creates a state of awareness and calming. A physician's note is required for all participants and is required at, or before, the time of your first class. You can fax your physician's note to The Wellness Center at 847.618.3509

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Postnatal Pilates and Yoga Class
$80 Wellness Center Member; $120 Non-Member
Click here to view upcoming classes

You worked hard to stay in shape with prenatal exercise, now it's time to get back into shape with postnatal exercise! This class will help new mothers regain core strength and energy as they work towards a safe and effective recovery. Classes specifically focus on rebuilding strength in the abdomen, back and pelvic muscle; releasing tension in the shoulders and neck; opening the chest. Classes also address common issues and concerns that may arise in this new chapter of life. Moms are welcome to bring their babies! Infants from birth through 12 months are encouraged to attend. Feel free to bring blanket, toys, pacifier, feeding necessities, etc. Fussing, breast-feeding and/or bottle-feeding during class is typical and perfectly acceptable!

Note: 24 hour advanced registration is required. A physician's note is required prior to or on your first day of class if you are 6-12 weeks postpartum.

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Online Resources

NCH offers you a variety of online resources for your prenatal, labor and delivery, and parenting questions. Click on any of the following links to learn more:

Find out how NCH can help you have the best possible childbirth experience. To sign up for a tour of the Women’s Center or to find an obstetrician, certified nurse midwife or pediatrician, call 847.618.4YOU (4968). And join our NCHBaby online community for mothers and mothers-to-be.

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Last Updated 2012/10/10