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New Parent Information

NCH gives new parents the postpartum support they need

Newborn and New Parent Information

NCH wants to help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to be a good parent. We offer a wide range of educational materials, classes and resources for expectant and new parents. We can also help you with new baby paperwork—from birth certificates and social security numbers to insurance issues, we're here to help.

And as your child grows, we have a wide range of pediatric and health services for those stages too.

Educational classes and support groups

All classes are taught by registered nurses and advanced registration is required. Call HealthConnection at 847.618.4YOU (4968) to register by telephone or click here to register online.

Other important information resources

  • Maternity Packing List
  • NCH/Community Resource List - for parents
  • Infant hearing screening—98% of children are born with normal hearing, but for the 2% with some sort of hearing loss, the earlier it is detected, the sooner it can be treated. Pediatrix provides newborn hearing screening in the mom’s room with immediate results. Results are also sent to your pediatrician and a referral to an audiologist is provided prior to discharge if needed.
  • Home management tips—Bringing your baby home is a joyful time, especially if you make an effort to take care of yourself and ask for help.
  • Mom and Baby Hour—A great support network to help new moms, plus you can always call NCH for more resources. Download information sheet.
  • Car seat safety—Protect your newborn by properly selecting, installing and using a car seat.
  • HALO SleepSacks® and breastfeeding products available for purchase - call 847.618.5225 to order.
  • Neonatal Developmental Follow-up Clinic–To help children who have been in our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit get the special help they may need to meet critical developmental milestones.

Pediatric ER—open 9 am to 1 am every day

  • Staffed by Lurie Children's pediatric specialists board-certified in pediatric emergency medicine.
  • Pediatric ER is located away from the adult ED.
  • Pediatric nurse practitioners and pediatric nurses specially trained in neonatal resuscitation (NRP) and pediatric advanced life support (PALS).
  • Treatment bays feature equipment, seating, stretchers and supplies uniquely fashioned to meet the needs of pediatric patients and their families.
  • Advanced medical technology in a child-friendly, age-appropriate and family-centered environment.

Pediatric Outpatient Center

  • Lurie Children's pediatric specialists are available for outpatient appointments at the Lurie Children's Pediatric Outpatient Center in the Busse Center on the NCH campus.
  • More than 20 pediatric specialties offered, including cardiology, gastroenterology, nutrition and urology.
  • For first-time appointments and information, call 1.800.KIDS.DOC (543.7362) or click here.

Find a Pediatrician

NCH has more than 130 board-certified pediatricians on-staff to provide a complete range of pediatric care. This includes routine exams and screenings, treatment of infectious diseases and other illnesses, and illness prevention through vaccinations and by fostering healthy lifestyles. Find a physician now or call 847.618.4YOU (4968) for a free referral.

Pregnancy, Postpartum and Newborn Health Information Library

Here you'll find:

Find out how NCH can help you have the best possible childbirth experience. To sign up for a tour of the Women’s Center or to find an obstetrician, certified nurse midwife or pediatrician, call HealthConnection at 847.618.4YOU (4968).

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Last Updated 2013/04/04