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Hospice Care Consultations

How to get a hospice care consultation

While most patients are referred by their physicians, anyone can initiate hospice care. A Midwest CareCenter representative can come to you to discuss hospice and determine a plan of care that meets your needs and goals. Admission to hospice is based on a physician's and hospice medical director's judgment that hospice care is appropriate for an individual. NCH and Midwest CareCenter will coordinate all of the details related to transitioning to the Hospice Suite.

Schedule a visit

You and your loved ones are welcome to tour the Hospice Suite before you make a decision. Let us know when you would like to visit by calling our Access Center at 847.467.7423.

To refer a patient, request a consultation or for more information, please call 847.467.7423 or 847.HOSPICE.

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Last Updated 2012/09/05