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Home Healthcare Services

Bringing quality healthcare services to your home.

Cardiopulmonary restorative services ease the transition from hospital to home for patients who have experienced heart attacks, angioplasty, open-heart surgery or pulmonary illness.

  • Staffed by highly skilled and experienced cardiopulmonary nurses who monitor patients and work with them to continue their prescribed exercise program, medication regime and diet
  • NCH Home Healthcare is one of the few agencies in the country to have nurses who carry portable cardiac monitors with them to evaluate patients for heart rhythm irregularities. This facilitates prompt intervention in collaboration with the physician and often prevents a hospitalization.
  • Click here for more information on NCH’s cardiac care services and outpatient cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation program

Diabetes services help patients learn how to manage their disease.

  • Staffed by a certified diabetes nurse educator, a dietitian, and a team of healthcare professionals who monitor and educate diabetes patients
  • NCH Home Healthcare is the only home care agency in the state of Illinois that has met the rigorous criteria to be recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to administer diabetes education in the home setting
  • Click here for more information on NCH’s diabetes care

Orthopedic, neurological and stroke rehabilitation services help orthopedic and neurological patients reach their maximum level of rehab and prior level of function.

  • Physical therapists provide functional assessments including patient strength, range of motion, ambulation and ability to carry out activities of daily living. After the assessment, therapists consult with the physician to develop a treatment plan.
  • Occupational therapists assess each patient and develop individualized exercise programs specific to patient’s with limitations in their upper extremities. Occupational therapists also make recommendations for equipment for patients with low vision, cognitive impairment and disabilities after illness or surgery.
  • Speech therapists evaluate patients for articulation of speech including expressive and receptive language, cognition, memory, voice, reading and writing ability, communication techniques and swallowing ability
  • Click here for more information on NCH’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Wound care services provides consultations by certified wound care nurses.

  • Experienced nurses work toward healing complicated wounds, pressure ulcers and skin care problems. Relief from pain and infection is emphasized.
  • An extensive array of products are available for faster wound healing
  • Ostomy care and education are also provided by qualified nurses
  • Wound and ostomy care require the availability of the patient or a caregiver to manage the wound or ostomy in between nursing visits
  • For more information on NCH’s Wound Ostomy Center

Home infusion services provide nursing care for a broad range of infusion therapies.

  • Pain management
  • Fluids for hydration
  • Total parenteral nutrition
  • Antibiotics
  • Patients are able to have infusion therapy in the comfort of their home instead of staying lengthy periods of time in the hospital or at an extended care facility
  • Home infusion requires participation by the patient or a caregiver to receive instruction and manage the infusion in between nursing visits

Mental health services provide short-term counseling, community resources and short and long-range planning.

  • Counseling for anxiety, depression, grief and loss issues related to illness
  • Pain management and relaxation techniques
  • Assistance with Advance Directives including living wills and healthcare power of attorney
  • Education and referrals to financial assistance programs with prescriptions, utility bills, hearing aids and eyeglasses
  • Education and referral to community resources for respite care, home caregivers, transportation, meals on wheels, physician house call services, podiatrist house calls, low cost dental services, etc.
  • Crisis intervention for abuse and neglect and other mental health issues
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Last Updated 04/10/2009