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Shauna's Story

Fifteen years ago, Shauna O'Dowd-Johnson had a breast cancer scare. So while she faithfully schedules a mammogram at Northwest Community Hospital every year, she still gets a little nervous.

"For me, getting a mammogram is definitely anxiety-producing, so the faster I can get feedback, the better," says Shauna.

That's why she appreciates the Results by Request® program at the NCH Breast Center. By scheduling a one-hour appointment, this busy mom of two gets her results on the very same day.

This year, when her radiologist spotted a potential problem on her mammogram, the NCH Breast Center team responded immediately, performing additional diagnostic tests that same day. Shauna was also introduced to one of the Breast Center's Nurse Navigators, who explained everything and stayed with her throughout the additional tests.

Before the day ended, Shauna had a diagnostic mammogram, a breast ultrasound and a biopsy done.

"Fifteen years ago, it was very different. You had to wait weeks for another appointment—so it took a long time to get answers," says Shauna.

This time, it was only a few days before her radiologist, Allan Malmed, MD, called to give her the good news. All her tests came back negative, meaning there was no cancer.

Dr. Malmed also phoned Shauna's primary care doctor to personally give him the results. That's just one more example of how NCH works with physicians every step of the way.

"It was a great experience," says Shauna, breathing a sigh of relief. "And the fact that I could get everything done so quickly really helped."

Let NCH take the stress out of your annual mammogram with same-day results delivered in a caring and supportive environment. Plus, appointments are always available within a few days of your call. Call 847.618.3700 to schedule your mammogram at one of our three convenient imaging locations today.

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Shauna's radiologist

Dr. Allan S. Malmed is a board-certified diagnostic radiologist on staff at NCH. For a list of diagnostic radiologists on staff at NCH, click here, or call HealthConnection at 847.618.4YOU (4968).

Shauna's diagnostics

Shauna's mammograms were both performed using the latest digital mammography technologies. Digital mammography enhanced her radiologist's ability to read mammograms accurately—enabling him to spot Shauna's mass. She then underwent a breast ultrasound to determine whether the mass in her breast was fluid-filled or solid. Because the images confirmed that it was a solid mass, Dr. Malmed ordered an ultrasound-guided biopsy, which involves removing a sample from the mass so it can be tested in the lab for signs of cancer. Luckily, the mass turned out to be benign.

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Last Updated 01/26/2010