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The NCH Advantage • Expertise

Multidisciplinary team of experts

At NCH, you’ll receive the same advanced level of care found at university or teaching hospitals, including breast cancer treatment from some of the best doctors in Chicago.

  • Everyone works to give you the individual attention you deserve
  • If you're diagnosed with breast cancer, multidisciplinary teams, including some of the best doctors in Chicago, will meet weekly to discuss your medical history, diagnostic testing, surgical procedures, stage of disease at diagnosis, treatment options, including palliative care, pain management and survival outcomes
  • The latest in diagnostic technology and research protocols are also discussed

Personalized, ongoing support from our breast nurse navigators

NCH breast nurse navigators are certified nurses who will guide you and your family throughout your breast cancer care, acting as a proactive link between you and your physicians—some of the best doctors in Chicago. They make sure that everybody stays informed about your care and well-being. They will:

  • Answer all your questions and provide support any time you need it
  • Coordinate your care and treatment scheduling
  • Explain procedures—before you have them
  • Help you and your family understand your diagnosis and treatment options
  • Provide information about services and resources you may need
  • Provide support and educational materials for menopause

Outreach support from The Susan F. Lasky Cancer Foundation

The breast nurse navigator program is supported by a generous grant from the Susan F. Lasky Foundation. The Foundation pays tribute to Suzie Lasky—a courageous young woman who lost her six-year battle with breast cancer.

The organization’s mission is to support individuals who are undergoing treatment for cancer, to promote all types of cancer research, and to provide assistance for individuals and organizations whose efforts benefit cancer patients. For more information, visit the Susan F. Lasky Foundation.

Feel confident in your breast care. Get your mammograms and breast cancer care from some of the best doctors in Chicago at NCH. Find one now.

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Last Updated 06/25/2009