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The Campaign to Advance Radiation Oncology

NCH's radiation oncologists—Stephen Nigh, MD (left), Najeeb Mohideen, MD, and Philip Lobo, MD—are collaborating with the Foundation to raise funds for more advanced technology and a more healing environment in their department.

When someone you care for is diagnosed with cancer, you want access to powerful technology and gifted physicians, comprehensive and compassionate care. You want treatment that maximizes effectiveness while minimizing risks. Northwest Community Hospital's Cancer Services program offers all of that and more. The team in Radiation Oncology now wants to take their program to the next level.

New CT Scanner

To take full advantage of advancements in treatment technology, our radiation oncologists seek philanthropic support for an advanced, wide-bore, 4-D computed tomography (CT) scanner. Featuring a wide circular opening to improve image quality and the comfort of patients, this technology supports the most effective radiation treatment.

"4-D" stands for four-dimensional. The "fourth" dimension is motion timing, adding the capacity to track and adjust for respiratory movement in the treatment planning process. The more clinicians know about how tumors and surrounding structures look during different phases of the breathing cycle, the more precisely they can target cancerous tumors with a strong dose of radiation, while protecting healthy surrounding tissue.

Healing Environment

Charitable funding is also needed to transform the department's physical environment in a way that ensures a complete healing experience for more than a thousand patients each year. To brighten the waiting area and improve its traffic flow, we'll need to reconfigure the space, add new furniture and signage, and update the décor.

In this space, patients and their families wait to consult with physicians and to receive radiation or ambulatory infusion treatments. Often, the most severely ill cancer patients must have a series of treatments that require them to return repeatedly to this area. Our staff wants to welcome them with a comforting environment that matches the quality of the department's medical care.

To Learn More

Please call the Foundation at 847.618.4260. To make a gift online, visit

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Last Updated 2012/10/15