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President's Circle Corporate Partners Program

Dick Hoffman is president and CEO of Atomatic Mechanical Services, a very successful commercial and residential HVAC mechanical contractor located in Arlington Heights. Dick regards his company's membership in the President's Circle as an excellent way to both give back to the community and to support a healthy workplace.

Are you a business leader in the northwest suburban region?

The Corporate Partners Program brings together business owners and CEOs in charitable support of NCH and offers intimate, high-level access to specific resources on healthcare issues that affect you and your business.

By joining the Corporate Partners Program, you'll become part of our President's Circle network of more than 500 area businesses, families and civic leaders who contribute $1,000 or more annually to ensure that NCH continues to acquire the latest technology and offer award-winning services.

NCH is committed to remaining an independent not-for-profit dedicated to the health of our community and needs your help to ensure the highest quality healthcare stays close to home (and work!).

How does becoming a Corporate Partner benefit you?

Personal Access. As a business owner or CEO, you'll gain assistance in addressing personal and family healthcare needs through physician referrals, appointment scheduling and help navigating the healthcare system.

CEO Council. As an owner or CEO, you'll be invited to join the CEO Council. The Council meets for breakfast twice annually with NCH's president and CEO for a round table discussion of healthcare issues affecting your company and employees.

Employee Health. You'll gain direct access to NCH's director of Occupational Health who will consult with you about workplace wellness and tailor health services to your organization's specific needs.

Corporate Citizenship. Your membership will be recognized on donor displays at NCH facilities. Corporate Partners demonstrate social responsibility and generate good will in the community.

Employee Pride. You'll make your employees proud by showing how much the company's leadership cares about their health and the health of the community.

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For more information about the President's Circle Corporate Partners Program, please call the Foundation at 847.618.4260.

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Last Updated 2012/10/17