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Ongoing Funding Needs

NCH donors help fund community outreach programs, new technology and facilities, comprehensive cancer care, outstanding cardiovascular treatment, and more.

Charitable gifts make a difference in the lives of children who need specialized treatment, adolescents battling substance abuse, adults facing cancer and homebound seniors.

In addition to raising funds for the new ER imaging center and Radiation Oncology needs, we are encouraging gifts to many other worthy causes. These include:

A Little City Partnership

The northwest suburban region is home to about 80,000 developmentally disabled people with special healthcare challeng es and limited access to care. NCH is responding to this need through a partnership with Little City, a Palatine-based agency serving the mentally disabled, to extend both medical and dental services to their clients.

The Cancer Patient Assistance Fund

There are many cancer patients in our community who are either too sick to work, or whose spouse has taken a leave of absence to care for them. This fund offers small, short-term grants to cover their basic living expenses including rent, groceries, gas and auto repairs. Last year we provided emergency financial aid to about 50 cancer patients and their families.

The “Be Healthy” Program for Seniors

As part or our outreach program, an NCH “Be Healthy” nurse visits three of the region’s low income senior housing centers twice a month. The nurse monitors residents’ vital signs, answers medication questions and helps them manage their chronic illnesses. Instructions on fall prevention, pain management and nutrition are also provided. We are currently caring for more than 300 residents at these centers.

If you have questions about our priorities or other charitable giving opportunities, please contact us at 847.618.4260 or

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Last Updated 2012/05/24