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2013 Employee Giving Campaign • Kick-Off
Come Together... in Caring... in Sharing... in Hope

Thank you to each and every employee who gave to last year's campaign. Together, we raised more charitable dollars than ever before. We helped improve the health of low-income seniors, send aspiring nurses to school and give cancer patients a break. We helped NCH create a more healing environment, reach out to domestic violence victims, support breastfeeding moms—and much more.

Let's COME TOGETHER again in 2013 on behalf of those in need. Your gift to the campaign is tax-deductible and you can make it by payroll deduction, credit card or check. You can make an "undesignated" gift to the general fund, give to one of many worthy causes listed here or fill in the "Other" line with the cause of your choice.

As of May 8, 2013, these fellow employees have given $152,000. Thank you!

To give now, choose a payment option and click on one of the links below:
    Payroll Deduction   |   Credit Card   |   Check

Special thanks to our in-kind donor and generous sponsor of the donor thank you party, BlackFinn American Grille, located in Randhurst Village, Mount Prospect. Click on the logo below to learn more about BlackFinn's menu and style.

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Last Updated 2012/10/30