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We exist to improve the health of the communities we serve and to meet individuals’ healthcare needs.

Vision Statement

We will be known for our singular focus on providing a comprehensive, patient-centered system of care that surpasses every expectation for excellence (in quality, convenience and service).

Cultural Values

Patient Focus: Close connections with our patients as we work to maintain their health and well-being, resulting in optimum satisfaction and loyalty.

Peer Focus: Professional, respectful, fair and engaging culture that provides work/life balance and a spirit of camaraderie that is fundamentally linked to high employee and patient satisfaction.

Community Needs: Quality, accessible and compassionate healthcare to residents and businesses aimed at improving the quality of life for all those we serve.

Excellence: Relentless pursuit of superior performance in quality, convenience and service.

Ethical Behavior: Integrity and honesty in everything we do.

Transparency: Open exchange of information that promotes trust and continuous improvement.

Fairness: Belief in the worth and dignity of the individual without bias or prejudice, our foundation for all interactions.

Financial Performance: Ensure organizational sustainability and viability through, efficiency, responsible collection of funds and deployment of resources for the services we provide.

Brand Promise

We will create a healthcare experience that builds loyalty and trust by offering a system of care that includes:

  • Clinical excellence and care coordination
  • Optimum choice of healthcare providers, services and settings
  • Convenient, timely and easy use of services
  • Outstanding customer service and personalized attention
  • Consistency in the patient experience across the continuum
  • High quality services within a sustainable cost structure
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Last Updated 04/10/2009